WhAT IS CF|24?

CF24 is a national CrossFit event & fundraiser that brings communities together in support of Special Olympics Canada Foundation.

On November 23rd gyms across Canada will open their doors to members, fitness enthusiasts, business professionals, local influencers and more to take part in a series of workouts, raising pledges and awareness in support of Special Olympics.

A highlight for every participating gym is the visit each facility receives from their local Special Olympics chapter. Athletes with intellectual disabilities will join your event for 1 inclusive workout, demonstrating their athleticism, determination, and sharing their story of overcoming adversity through sport.

Help us hit our fundraising goal this year so that together we will have donated $1 million to Special Olympics since inception in 2012! Together, we are proving



About us

CF24 for Special Olympics is a national movement led by fitness enthusiasts and community leaders from coast to coast. 

In 2019, gyms will have the option to participate in 1 of 3 categories: 

  • CHAMPION GYM – have the biggest impact and host the true version of this unique community event: 24 workouts in 24 hours! 
  • HUSTLER GYM – high intensity fitness and fundraising: 4 workouts in 4 hours 
  • SUPPORTING GYM – show your support with a WOD for the cause! 

Together, we can prove what a difference a day can make when we all come together in support of Special Olympics.

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