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Dear Family and Friends,

When I opened Raincity Athletics the goal was to create an inclusive environment for ALL athletes, regardless of fitness ability. Over the years I have expanded even further on that idea, with the goal of making fitness accessible to athletes of any age, fitness level, or cognitive ability, and why we started the Raincity Fit Club.

The Special Olympics could not be better aligned with my goals and ideas for accessible sport for all, which is why I'm excited to support & fundraise for them every year.

This year I will be hosting all of my Fit Club kids (8 ) and many of their families for a 'Hero' style workout at Raincity Athletics.

I invite you to join for the workout, or simply to donate to this incredible cause.

Read more about the Raincity event:

To learn more about CF|24 please visit:

For more information on Special Olympics please visit

Thank you very much for your support,

Simon has raised $1,660 of their goal of $1,000

Simon's Honour Roll:
  • Daphne Damborg  $100
  • Gorm Damborg  $200
  • Jim Brown  $50
  • Graeme Bullus  $100
  • Rebecca Wu  $50
  • Gillian Damborg  $100
  • Ocean West Construction Ltd.  $150
  • Ross Cochran  $200
  • Heather Phillips  $50
  • Julie Roberts  $200
  • James Freeman  $20
  • Jean Teague  $100
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