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OK everyone ... here we go again totally last second...On November 23rd, I am being absolutely crazy again with a team of other crazies and participating in an all-day fitness fundraiser called CF|24 @ CrossFit 403 in Airdrie

My teammate asked if we could put one together last minute and i said sure why not ...lets be sore for a week... sound like fun

I will be competing in a marathon of workouts from 10 to 10 pm i will do 24 workouts in 12!!! hours apparently if i can still move ..and all funds raised will be donated to Special Olympics Canada Foundation which is a cause that really matters to me as a former coach a longtime ago.

Matthew has raised $250 of their goal of $300

Matthew's Honour Roll:
  • Julia Janes  $20
  • Judy Walton  $50
  • Sheridan Hanmore  $50
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