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Greetings everyone!

For those of you that follow me on social media, I’m sure you’ve seen a post or two regarding CF|24 in the past.  For the last two years have had the opportunity to participate in an amazing event in support of Special Olympics Canada.  Well the time is here, and I’m excited to participate in this event for the third time, and I need everyone’s support once again!

The CF|24 event is being held on November 23, 2019  and I am looking for some assistance with pledge/sponsoring. During the day, I will be doing an intense 10 min Crossfit workout every hour, on the hour, for 24 hours! 100% of the proceeds raised go to Special Olympics Canada, with 70% staying in our local chapter, while the other 30% is distributed nationally!

Special Olympics was founded upon one simple notion: sport has an incredible capacity to transform lives, change attitudes and make communities stronger. By bringing people together, Special Olympics teaches us to recognize our similarities rather than focusing on our differences. As a member at CrossFit St. Catharines I have seen first hand the transformative effect Crossfit and sport in general play in the lives of those with an intellectual disability through our community connection with G-Mc's Homies with Extra Chromies.

It's community fundraising events like this that allow us to support our local Special Olympic athletes and gives them the opportunity to experience sport in it's truest form! Please take the time to click on the link and sponsor... any little bit helps!

Last year I managed to finish second across Canada for fundraising, and this year I'm looking to push to the top!  Any little bit helps! For those of you that would rather sponsor in-person, or via etransfer, just let me know and we can make arrangements.  

Thanks in advance for your support!


To learn more about CF|24 please visit:

Sam has raised $3,150 of their goal of $3,000

Sam's Honour Roll:
  • Courtney Cusick  $500
  • Warren Thompson  $50
  • josh Eckhardt  $20
  • Suzy Rykers  $100
  • Anne & Don Perry  $20
  • Laura Finlayson  $20
  • Susan Cusick  $20
  • June DiFruscio  $25
  • Steve Wengrowich  $200
  • Steve Wengrowich  $50
  • Gary & Lisa Gallant  $40
  • Sharon Rumpel  $50
  • Ed Danhousen  $50
  • Joanne LeMaire  $20
  • Patrick Breen  $25
  • Kim Norton  $25
  • Mary Caprara  $25
  • Ashley Hollowell  $25
  • Karen Hart  $25
  • James Froats  $100
  • Karen Engemann  $20
  • Stylanna Engemann  $20
  • Cam Cusick & Emma Shaw  $50
  • Christopher Genung  $200
  • Dani Ierullo
  • Kevin Stairs  $50
  • Debbie Cusick  $50
  • Kathryn Whaley  $50
  • William Winn  $50
  • Brian Eckhardt  $100
  • Donna Moody  $50
  • Andrew Baker  $50
  • Nancy and Chuck Genung  $200
  • Christine Grassetti  $50
  • Bev and Dan Walsh  $50
  • Richard & Diane Day  $40
  • Jessica Sheppard-Cevaal  $20
  • Amy Ciancio  $20
  • Ashley Vlaar  $20
  • Pia & Jonas Ek  $50
  • Madelein Cleve & Hannes Krönby  $50
  • Cathy Schroeder  $20
  • Leighton Cusick
  • Ava Cusick
  • Sherri Froats  $100
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