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Hi family & friends!!

On October 20th I am lucky enough to be organizing (and participating in!) an all-day fitness fundraiser called CF|24, to raise funds and awareness for Special Olympics while ultimately providing more Canadians a way to give back to their communities and to support those with an intellectual disability!

Too often, Canadians with an intellectual disability are left standing on the sidelines, unable to realize their skills, potential, and dreams because they lack the opportunities provided to others. By supporting Special Olympics you are helping us to change this, as we get these athletes off the sidelines, into the game, and eventually - on to the podium!

Thank you very much for your support!!

Love, Emma

Emma has raised $400 out of their goal of $400

Emma's Honour Roll:

Sue Hache

Deb Lambert  $50

Emma Lambert  $20

Paul Etherington  $100

Nic Gray  $20

John Salvucci

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