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Sup Fam -

SO last year I participated in the wildest most physically taxing fundraiser of my life which required me to complete 24 CrossFit workouts within 24 hours. Now... did I follow the schedule properly? Absolutely not because I don't listen very well. BUT nonetheless, "High School Holly" would have never believed that she would be doing anything close to CrossFit, let alone for 24 hours straight. Aka huge win for Team Holly.

This brings me to Round 2. On October 20, 2018, I am participating an all-day fitness fundraiser called CF|24. I will be competing in a marathon of workouts and all funds raised will be donated to Special Olympics Canada Foundation. Any pledges made to my fundraising page are greatly appreciated and will go a long way in supporting Special Olympics programs in Canada. Being the OT that I am, I strongly support this foundation as it has the ability to enable ALL individuals that opportunity to benefit from the power of sport.

In all seriousness, any donation would be super great. Even a passionate "thumbs up of encouragement" on the day of would be appreciated. Thank you all for your support.


For more information on Special Olympics please visit http://www.specialolympicscanadafoundation.ca/

To learn more about CF|24 please visit: https://cf24.ca

Holly has raised $105 out of their goal of $200

Holly's Honour Roll:
  • Janine Thomas  $25
  • Kailey Thomas  $25
  • David Gevaert  $25
  • Janet Hudson  $30
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