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Dear Family and Friends,

On October 20, 2018, I am participating an all-day fitness fundraiser called CF|24. I will be competing in a marathon of workouts and all funds raised will be donated to Special Olympics Canada Foundation. Any pledges made to my fundraising page are greatly appreciated and will go a long way in supporting Special Olympics programs in Canada.

I am also promising to give 10 meters of effort on a stationary rower for every $1 that is donated. If I can reach my goal to match my contributions from last year that means I'll be rowing 27,780 meters, which could take me approximately 3 hours to complete! And for perspective that is close to the duration of a marathon row for a professional athlete. I will gladly suffer through sweat for your generosity!

Special Olympics was founded upon one simple notion: sport has the incredible capacity to transform lives, change attitudes, and make communities stronger by supporting Canadians with an intellectual disability. By bringing people together, Special Olympics teaches us to recognize our similarities rather than focusing on our differences.

For more information on Special Olympics please visit

To learn more about CF|24 please visit:

Thank you very much for your support,

Arden has raised $7,050 out of their goal of $7,000

Arden's Honour Roll:

Kylie Haydey  $75

Quinn Yule  $50

Nimi kelloway  $100

Mina Gheiratmand  $50

Ann Marie Long  $200

Joel King  $360

Lee Ann Beaubien  $75

Arianne Smith-Piquette  $50

Helen Steed  $200

Keith Stevenson  $100

William Jackson  $40

David Uwazny  $50

Shauna Marshall  $40

Carla Williams  $40

Sergio Maione  $50

Amber Brant  $60

Rick and Danielle Brant  $40

Nadine Aden  $60

William Grieve  $50

Tom Halapatz  $200

Patricia Warnke  $20

Shirly Felipe  $40

Gary Kozicky  $50

Jane Greasley  $20

Star Winter  $5

Nick Barbaza  $20

Shivonne Cameron  $20

Miles Brunken  $20

Quinn Bamford  $20

Iona Zinn  $20

Marvin Chitrinia  $20

Jennifer Ly  $50

Mah'koos Merrier  $40

Bennita Clasper  $25

Dennis Holinski  $40

Lars Callsen  $100

Michael Antoine  $100

Terri Helsby  $150


Jennifer Ferguson  $40

Melissa Farrell  $30

Bruce Pickering  $20

Don Nelson  $20

Tara Nelson  $20

Reade Hayden  $60

Darryl McLaughlin  $50

Gulliver Twist  $5

Jeff Canavan  $20

Phil Fearon  $50

Damien Delorme  $20

Lisa Miller

Tim Brickelsby

Larry Louie  $100

Jane Miller  $25

Amanda McCloy  $25

Scott Papineau  $20

Judy Snider  $25

Chris Aparicio  $100

Michael Matheson


Isaac Baier  $30

Randee MacArthur  $20

Erik Haatvedt  $30

Jeff Savoie  $50

Anastasios Kostoulias  $50

Theresa Syvenky  $100

Laurie Cyrankiewicz  $50

Nicole Decore  $20

Delanee Daviau  $100

Dillon Russell  $75

Dorothy Erno  $115

Shane Price  $50

Adam Giesbrecht  $100

Nabilla Zemarak  $5

Sandra Yee  $20

Val Taylor  $20

elaine kobialko  $10

Rosey Radmanovich  $50

Brett Gamble  $200

Brett Gamble  $200

Brett Gamble  $100

Chelsea Wilson  $40


Lars Callsen  $100

Jonathan Pollock  $212

Erin Mayou  $26

Teri Burant  $100

Susan Carlyle  $100

Maurice Flieder  $100

Tim & Brielle Atkinson  $40

Megan Rosich

Sherry Reinhart

Art Connick  $20

Sharka Svajgr  $40

Rob Ebbers  $50

Lacy Demchuk  $30

Hin Lai  $20

Harmandar Rakkar  $100

Sarai Jorgenson  $100

Uriel Gutierrez  $20

Kevin Collins  $50

Heather Nelson  $50

Alissa Thomson  $55

Janet Dons  $100

Macey Taylor

Patricia Jastrzebski  $40

Jeffrey Bryson  $50

Graham Bromby  $40

colleen nuc  $50

Sean O'Brenan  $50

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