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Dear Family and Friends,

Well the time is here, and I’m excited to participate in this event for the second time on October 20, 2018, and I need everyone’s support!

On October 20, 2018, I am participating an all-day fitness fundraiser called CF|24. I will be competing in a marathon of workouts and all funds raised will be donated to Special Olympics Canada Foundation. Any pledges made to my fundraising page are greatly appreciated and will go a long way in supporting Special Olympics programs in Canada.

Special Olympics was founded upon one simple notion: sport has the incredible capacity to transform lives, change attitudes, and make communities stronger by supporting Canadians with an intellectual disability. By bringing people together, Special Olympics teaches us to recognize our similarities rather than focusing on our differences.

It's community fundraising events like this that allow us to support our local Special Olympic athletes and gives them the opportunity to experience sport in it's truest form! Please take the time to click on the link and sponsor... For those of you that would rather sponsor in-person, just let me know and we can make arrangements. Any little bit helps!

I'm sure social media will be overwhelmed with posts from CF24 (if you haven't noticed, I tag myself everywhere on social media)!

For more information on Special Olympics please visit

To learn more about CF|24 please visit:

Thank you very much for your support,

Sam has raised $4,855 out of their goal of $6,000

Sam's Honour Roll:

Courtney Cusick  $500

Leighton Cusick

Ava Cusick

Steve Wengrowich

josh Eckhardt  $20

Patrick Breen  $25

Anna-Liisa Bond

Christine Moore  $50

Dan and Bev Walsh  $25

Cathy Schroeder  $25

Jeff & Olga Key  $100

Warren Thompson  $50

Candy Bureau  $50

Jessica Sheppard - Cevaal  $20

Kevin & Glenn Stairs  $20

Kim Eeuwes  $50

Debbie Cusick  $50

Joanne and Gary LeMaire  $25

Kevin Lawr  $25

Carole Whitehorne  $100

Gary Milana  $20

Ellen Genung  $100

Real Bergevin  $500

Sharon Rumpel  $50

Leslie and Tor Jones  $75

Marcie & Nadine Crawford  $20

Chris Genung  $100

Gary & Lisa Gallant Gallant  $50

Anne & Don Perry  $20

Mike & Lisa Iannizzi  $20

Richard Day  $50

Susan Cusick  $15

Cam Cusick  $30

Chuck & Nancy Genung  $500

James Leida  $25

James Macdonald  $100

Jon Downing

Andrew Baker  $30

Bill Winn  $25

Bridgit Tomka  $50


William Franklin  $30

Karen Engemann  $20

Kim Norton  $50

Ashley Hollowell  $50

Kevin Fisher  $65

RBC Foundation c/o Courtney Cusick   $1,000

Brian and Karen Eckhardt  $200

Ed Danhousen  $20

Stacie Eckhardt  $50

Debbie Slade  $25

Ken Lidstone  $50

Steve Eckhardt  $50

Kathryn Whaley  $50

Fred Hutton  $20

Joshua Eckhardt  $15

Jim and Lynn Windjack  $100

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