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Haylea Heimpel$600
Lyndsay Hardy$300
Becca Quinton$75
Grace Ditzend$25
Julie Ditzend$25
Amanda Granby$0
Nick Anapolsky$0
Victoria Tough$0
Stefani Myer$0
Bhreagh Schiel$0
Ann Jennings$0
Kate-Lin Douglas$0
Faye Bulloch$0
Dylan Murray$0
Sara Hahn$0

CrossFit PSC has raised $2,050 of their goal of $2,000

Honour Roll:

Rishad Usmani  $100

Susan Kieswetter  $100

Tracey Heimpel  $200

Mattin Tateyama  $50

Maaz Usmani  $75

Liz Forde  $25

Judy Quinton  $25

mary murrin  $25

Stuart Clare  $50

Corey Way  $50

Maria Luisa Sartori Guarienti  $25

Robert Way  $250

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