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Amanda Gallina$415
Madé Quay$230
Megan Roadknight$200
Natasha Tremblay$50
Paige Oberfelds$50
Scott Fasano$45
Craig Tschirhart$0
Alicia Newell$0
Rebecca R Marshall$0
Mark Hasson$0
lindsay Wand$0
Mat Clark$0
Greg Wand$0
Andy Cao$0
Matt McConnell$0
Emily Erison$0
Allie Speers$0
Chris Wilson$0
Bil Tremblay$0
Tiff McLean$0
Andrea Naismith$0
Gord Munro$0

Royal City Community Fitness has raised $1,040 of their goal of $0

Honour Roll:

Jordan Kingston  $50

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