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Dean Hamilton$1,025
Tyler MacDonald$505
Robin Morin$500
Shelby Barton$420
Jen Parsons$350
Sarah Martin$250
Brittany Denneny$210
Erin Johnson$205
Brooke Sheppard$200
Mackenzie Dafoe$185
Brittany Vis$150
Jenni MacDonald$85
Kristy Conroy$75
Amber Genereaux$50
Nolan Martin$25
Emily Mosher$0
Terry Slaney$0
Ashley Robertson$0
Graham Locklin$0
Chris Harrison$0
Kyle King$0
Melissa Bailey$0
Elody Lemieux$0
Julia Cicciarella$0
Shane Bowen$0

Pure Grit CrossFit has raised $4,235 of their goal of $1,500

Honour Roll:

Dean Hamilton  $50

Shelby Barton  $50

Erin Johnson  $50

Jen Parsons  $50

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