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Jeff Bossack$1,551
Kevin Horne$1,550
Kim McLaughlin$285
Olly Lowis$260
Zac Darling$245
Jessica Zawadowicz$175
Julian Costantino$100
Matt Sloan$100
Kiska Colwill$100
Alison Groff$90
Ainsley Dreisinger$25
Betty Groff$20
Dorice Garner$0
Amanda Lindi$0
Eden Hannam$0
Leah D'Oliveira$0
Shawn Clark$0
Christina Kessler$0
Lindsay Lord$0
Nick Tetley$0
Eric Seguin$0
Anna Marie Roach$0
Linda OLoughlin$0
Courtney Maclean$0
Brandon Van Stralen$0
Katie Bragnalo$0
Lana Fernley$0
Sophia Walter$0
Leah Roth$0
Suzy belsito$0
Vini Borges$0
Holly Vanderhulst$0
Tuli Brum$0
Sach Rehsia$0

CrossFit Col has raised $4,701 of their goal of $2,500

Honour Roll:

Sophia Walter  $50

Vini Borges  $50

Kim McLaughlin

Zac Darling

Cynthia and Michael Anderson

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