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Peter Killaby$500
Jill Bryan$305
Gregory Ranger$260
Charley Kiroha$150
Camille Slack$25
Reza Mashkoori$25
Sam Meahan$25
Andrew Shaw$15
Gillian Merkel$0
Kathryn Meahan$0
Cole Meahan$0
Chris Galley$0
Paul Meahan$0
Jasmeet Bahia$0
Adeeb Nasta$0
Sascha Berliner$0
Laurent Pichette$0
Paytonn Abraham$0
Cheryl Giberson$0
Eric Pereira (Work Iphone)$0
Thomas Guy$0
Maddy Wood$0
Andrew Burke$0
soraya moghadam$0

CrossFit NCR has raised $1,330 of their goal of $5,000

Honour Roll:

Peter Killaby  $50

Gregory Ranger  $50

Werner Perez  $25

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