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Kim Pangman$1,025
Ivone Zbrog$625
Beth Thrall$385
Malorie Maes$345
Adam Manveiler$325
Darren Champagne$200
Deb Vickery$186
Jeffrey Castillo$170
Monina San Diego$146
Megan Maes$130
Keith Gordon$120
Val Champagne$100
kerri koblun$100
Stefani Buleziuk$75
Janelle Lavallee$50
Justin Douglas$50
Linsey Piel-Glade$25
Reagan Kruger$20
Jason Dubois$0
Renan Andrade$0
Brittany Schreyer$0
Adrian Theroux$0
Janine Vergara$0
Jedd Ylagan$0
Paul McDill$0
Michael Higham$0
Tiffanie Bruneau$0
Brieanne Bruneau$0

CF24 - Winnipeg has raised $4,077 out of their goal of $3,000

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