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Arden Callsen$7,050
Chelsea Wilson$1,500
Rob Letendre$1,300
Marino Coco$805
Karalee Rogoski$640
Scott Papineau$610
April English$590
Mariah Giberson$425
Grischka Helbig$421
Carolyn Fitzsimmons$420
Heidi Barker$361
Lydia Hayes$325
Ronaldo Posada$150
James McCurdy$140
Tannis Soderquist$125
Barrett Van Vliet$100
Daphne Chen$55
Nikki Ebbers$40
Stephanie Barker$30
Edgar Struk$25
Jackie Harrison$25

Rock Jungle CrossFit has raised $15,137 out of their goal of $10,000

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